vFlyteAir Grumman Traveler for X-Plane 11

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Loaded with features, the Traveler provides a great VFR flying experience with the convenience of a Century I autopilot.

HDR-compatible custom interior and exterior lights (interior lights require HDR ON in X-Plane Rendering Settings), Sounds recorded from a real Grumman AA5, Custom engine startup logic - if the engine is cold, it will take longer to start, On-screen pop-up control menu provides custom view selections and options controls , Animated ignition key - click on the keys located on to of glareshield to place them into the ignition, Digital chronometer with custom Local Time, Universal Time and Automated Flight Timer, Custom Century I autopilot (simulated) built into Turn/Bank indicator provides Stability Mode (wing leveler), VOR tracking, ILS Approach tracking, pitch up/down adjustment and roll override, 8 liveries included, Functional fuses and circuit breakers